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Nova Bridge Capital structures, places and originates commercial bridge loans.We provide short-term financing secured by a first mortgage on commercial realestate. Our nimble lending platform allows us to deliver fast and flexible loansstructured to the specific needs of each transaction. Capital is available foracquisitions, refinances, borrower distress, cash-out purposes and other marketdriven opportunities.

The present economic environment highlights the need for non-traditional lenders.With many banks inhibited by governmental oversight and their inability to fullyunderstand and develop flexible solutions for their clients, borrowers are finding itmore and more challenging to find bank credit. Alternatively, Nova’s bridge loanproduct is fast, flexible and provides certainty of execution. It has proven to be amore attractive path for many qualified borrowers, especially those seeking to takeadvantage of time-sensitive situations and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Nova is equipped to find solutions through creative loan structuring. Loanstructuring is critical and could be the difference in getting a deal done or not.Please refer our Spotlight on Structuring link in which we periodically highlight arecent transaction and the critical importance of creative structuring. Alltransactions in this link would be routinely declined by institutional lenders.

Based in mid-town Manhattan, Nova Bridge Capital brings value to transactions withour knowledge and experience of real estate finance coupled with our ability tomove quickly due to our streamed-lined approach. Our further ability to providecreative financing brings value added which in turn unlocks each transaction’sunique opportunity. If you would like to know more about our Management team,feel free to visit the biographical link below or contact us.

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